The first comic book i read and what i'm planning to read in the future

aprilie 28, 2017 0

A year ago, our english teacher asked us to write about a superhero and after one hour of talking about Spider Man, Super Man and Bat Man i decide to write about an underated character i consider a hero. On the english book it was the picture of Buffy, the vampire slayer next to the ones you already know, but no one talked about her, untill i got the project. I didn't want to write about a character that everyone know, i wanted to take an iconic one but not-for-everyone-kind. I wrote the essay and that subject doesn't really matter anymore so, today i want to talk to you about that superheroes i refused to write about in that time and some new ones like Spider Gwen. 

As i said in some other posts, i grow up with Spider Man, but there was a time on the start of 00's when Cartoon Network Romania was running a cartoon with The Flesh, Wonder Woman, Bat Man, Aqua Man, Super Man and more, and because Justice League will be out this year i'll be glad to watch it just to see if it's like that cartoon. I never really liked DC superheroes but i have to say that i like Batman ( The Lego Movie ) and Superman from Smallville, but that's all. 

Getting back to the subject, the very first comic ( that was not for kids like W.I.T.C.H or WINX ) i read was iZombie, when there were just a few episodes running on CW and i was a little surprised to see how many changes were made for the tvseries. I loved iZombie right from the start, but when i get to season 2 i just start to get bored and tired when i was watching it and i decide i've seen enough. I didn't finished the comic book either, but just because i didn't liked the story that much, even if it was pretty interesting because Gwen was a  gravedigger and also a zombie and if i think again maybe i will read it one day because are some parts where the tvseries are just like the comic version. Too bad there is no Major or Raj but i can easily get used with all of this new characters. For some reason, this comic book is exactly the way i imagined The Southern Vampire Mysteries when i read the first book.

iZombie was the first one and the second was a comic about how Doc met Marty in Back to the Future, and how they become friends and it just happened to find that comic and i read it, i wasn't dissapointed because it was really nice to find out a backstory that you won't see in the movies. Also, i'm reading TheOdd1sOut comics, but i want to get more focused on the ones with Superheroes because i want to see the difference between the movies and the comics, but also because are more classic and i'd like to read one from 1930, for example.

When i was little i didn't really like to read stuff and the only things i was reading were that issues made for children such as My Little Pony, Barbie, Hello Kitty, W.I.T.C.H. , Winx and if i remember well i still have some issues from Monster High. But the last one was after 2010 when i start to read magazines for teenagers as well.

Now i'm reading Civil War II and i'm looking for the first issue of Spider Gwen because i found the second one and i don't want to read that before i actually know what's going on in the first one. After that i'm not really sure what i'm going to read but i'm thinking about Guardians of the Galaxy, Iron Man, Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man and maybe Deadpool but untill then, maybe my reading list will get bigger so we'll see. 


The Owl's OST and how i decide too write about music

aprilie 23, 2017 0

In the last few days i tryed to organise my blog and somehow, in my messy way, i delete four posts that i really wanted to keep. So, because i have to rewrite them and i have to connects every single post with the category and hashtag i made, i think this one is a good idea for a "First post in MUSIC".

I wrote about music on several occasions, like James Bay and Hurts and also about my favorite song. And because i'm always looking for a OST when i hear about a movie or a TVSeries, i decide i should write about every song or new band i descover. So here i am, thinking if i should write about the song i have on my mind or else. 

One of the important part in writing any kind of article or a blog post is researching and that's my favorite thing when it comes to write about music or any other reviews you'll see on Made In Ro (#Recenzii) or on ROFANGIRL (#FangirlReviews), because i learn things about a band, who wrote a song, who sang it, who decide to include it in a movie and every single thing you can find about the band, the song, the singer and everything else about the band and song itself. For example, when i wrote about my favorite song ( POVESTEA cântecului meu preferat ) i discovered the number of awards they get and who wrote it, not to mention a few small things about it i didn't write about in my post. 

I know that a blog can't have a Soundtrack and i also know it's not that kind of content that can have a OST, but who is going to stop me to add one to The Owl? I aways had the same old playlist i'm listening when i'm working on my blog and i'm calling it a soundtrack. At first, it was a joke, but then i discovered i like the idea itself and i decide to keep it. But the thought of writing about music was born for this reason, because, when i'm listening to a song, i really like to feel it, to be part of it. And also, to know it's story. 

Once, someone asked me if i know the difference between a comercial song and a real song and i said something like "The comercial song is just for money when the real one is supposed to make you feel something." I may not have a good voice and i'm a danger for every guitar i see☺, but i really like music and i have to say there is no exact definition for a good song. A song is good for you only if you like it. I know some situations were people were asking me if i like their music and i didn't, but it's not because that music wasn't good, it was because i didn't liked it and that was just my opinion.

From 50's till now days, i enjoy almost every kind of music. Growing up with my dad listening to ABBA, Roxette, Backstreet Boys, New kids on the block, Robbie Williams, Foreigner and more, i start to love them. And when i heard Breakfast at Tiffany by Deep Blue Something, Green Day's American Idiot, Boulevard of broken dreams and Wake me up when September ends, i get in 00's music. Also, Start of something good by Daughtry is still a song i'm listening today, Nickelback ( How you remind me, Far away, If today was your last day...), there was a time when i was listening to Tokio Hotel, Kerli, Hatsune Miku and then i come to country music, celtic music and the most recent one that i have to say that i like as much as country music is indie, or alternative or whatever, i like to call it indie even if it's a combination. 


Tales as old as time and my favorite fairytale

aprilie 09, 2017 1

Everyone is talking about Beauty and the Beast right now and i heard it's a pretty good movie, actually. Too bad I'm not going to watch it. That's not because i don't like fairytales, it's just that I've seen the Disney Cartoons and it's enough for me. My first Disney Movie I've ever seen was at the age of 11-12 at it was My Little Mermaid and i have to say i didn't liked it that much. Since then I've seen every Disney Movie excepting Pocahontas, Hercule and Tarzan. In 2015 was released Cinderella, the official movie with real people instead of the classic animation. And now, Beauty and the Beast seems to be the new hit in box office. I haven't watch it and i have no intention to try. 

I never imagined myself as a princess as a lot of girls do because i never considered I'm good enough to be a princess. But after all this years, i figured it out that every girl can be a princess in her own way. Last year, when i was in a tour of Pillnitz Castle, i also saw the Ball Room, which was smaller then i imagined, and for a few seconds I've seen myself as a princess, walking on the castles back yard because i was about to delay to the Ball and then another scenes and episodes that made me smile in that few minutes when our guide was telling us a few things about the room. That imagines were by far some of my favorite things about that place and the fact that my imagination run wild was how i knew i like that place. 

Tales as old as time, a fairytale will never lose it's spark. I'm not watching the real movies because i didn't liked the animated fairytales, but it's one that i really love and i'll watch the movie a thousand times. That one is "Princess and the Frog" and for some reason, i was fascinated of Tiana's life. She wasn't a princess at all, she was in a poor family and wanted to have a famous restaurant and that was the main idea that made me love it. When she kissed the frog she turned into one as well because she wasn't a real princess to bring the prince back to his human form...why i'm i still talking? You already know the movie even if you haven't seen it, you still have an idea about it. But how many of you have an idea about the real fairytale because Disney didn't create the movie after the real story. The truth is, it's not as sadic as other original fairytales like Sleeping Beauty, for example.

It's more like a children story, about a small princess who is loosing her little ball into a well and she starts to cry until a frog is telling her it can help her to get her ball back. The frog is asking her to get him into her home, to let him eat at the table. She gives her word and he gives her ball back, but when she was called to eat, she forgets about the frog and her promise. When the frog starts crying the King asked his daughter what is with that frog and she told his father what happened when she was playing and about the promise she's been made and the king said she has to keep her promise. At his order, she kept the promise and I don't really remember her actually kissing the from but somehow it turned into a small prince.

Both versions are really nice and I'm always happy when I'm rereading the fairytale or just watching the Disney Movie. I find myself in Tiana, but also in the small princess from the original story. Most of the girls tend to choose a princess like Snow Whine, Belle or Cinderella but I always wanted to be different and I was feeling weird 'cuz I don't like them. Their stories are too magical for me and Tiana's story is more real, her life before being turned into a frog and all the crazy stuff that came after that. She is simple, self-confident, broken and with a big dream and how determinate she is to fight to make it real. That's why I like her and I think, every princess can inspire you to be like her by being yourself. I also believe that every girl can be a princess, even if you don't feel like one. 


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