Camp NaNoWriMo survival kit or something

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April it's just around the corner and i have so many ideas that i have to change my wordcount with every page i'm writing because i really enjoy this new book i'm working on it. It's the second time i'm doing NaNoWriMo, but that's not that challange you are doing in November guys, this time is CampNaNo and it's quiet different.  

I'm a very organised person, i have an app or a notebook for almost everything, but when it comes to writing i'm very expended: a notebook for wordcount of every single book i ever wrote (and are almost 11), one for timelines and some cards for characters so i won't forget how do they look like or what they like. So, being my first year of "Camping", i have no idea how to do a survival kit so i'm going to share with you how i Won in November with 50.028 words. 

First of all, i have to say that in November, NaNoWriMo get me with 2k words already written, but as you can see on my stats, i had some days when i didn't write anything at all and some days when i wrote like crazy. In that time i had a lot of tests at school so i coudn't actually be 100% focused on my NaNoWriMo project. I don't know if this is fair or not, but when you get your stories details on your profile it ask you for an excerpt and i had to write that one so that's why i kinda start it before 1st of November. 

Now, on Camp i'm going to just write and change the wordcount so i can write more and i'm about to show you how i'm planning to win Camp NaNoWriMo too. 
I'm a very talkative person and i always have my phone with me, almost everywhere i go, but not because i'm addicted or something ( that's a lie ) because i have some apps i'm using all the time as a writer even if it's about a blog post or a book or an essay, yeah, i'm doing my homeworks on my phone sometimes. 

Google Keep: Is an app where you can make a shopping list, write a text, draw something and you it help me to be organised, but i'm using it just to keep the names of the editors i want to send my book i'm trying to edit and there i also keep some of my ideas and some drawings i'm doing there when i'm getting bored. I tried to use it for blogging but when i copy-paste the text in here the font is changing and i don't like that so i'm using it just too keep some things and to not lose some good ideas.

Google Drive: That's the place where i keep my school projects, my PDF books and the novels i wrote. This is a very good way to store everything you want to save, i've seen it works for music and pictures as well. The bad thing about it is the wordcount, but i've seen that every writing app has a different wordcount if you insert the same text in all of them so i guess it's not really something new. But, it has bugs in time to time. I'm used to write on it when i'm on my phone or computer and when i'm doing that it just stop and i have to wait untill it let me to write again. I'm a very patient person and this thing is really annoying, but i'm used with it and i'm always ending up using it.

JotterPad: I still have no idea how to pronounce Jotter, but this app is quiet special to me because i'm using it for a few years and i still do like it. I'm using it on my tablet because there i have no internet connection and i can concentrate on my writing without the notifications or the curiosity because it happens sometimes to go on Twitter and stay there for hours or just waste my time on Youtube watching random videos instead of writing. This app is pretty easy to use and, in my case, you can write a really nice story on it. I'm also using this when i'm writing my blog posts.

Bullet Journal: I love this part! Since i start writing about 5 years ago i was going everywhere with a little notebook where i was writing everything that i was thinking, i was also drawing and write fragments for the book i was working on that time. I'm still walking around with a little notebook, but now i know how is it called and i'm far more organised than i was. For writting, i have a special page where i'm keeping the track of the books i wrote and the ones i'm planning to write in the future, also the wordcounts and that kind of stuff. I have also a page full of sticky notes where i wrote the names and characteristics of my new characters.

That's my survivel kit for Camp that will help me to win. I hope it helps you and if you liked it don't forget a tumbs up- wait, i'm not on Youtube. Whatever! If you like one of this apps ( and the bullet journal ) i'll be glad to know that. Untill then, i wish you all good luck with your projects and i hope you will win in this April, or in June, of course. 


Now fear is gone is more time for important things

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Ok, i have to admite it: I was afraid for nothing! Maybe you don't know what i'm I talking about, so i'm going to say once again what scared me the most since my second year of high school, and that is the exams. Thinking about future can be frustrating because you have no idea what's going to happend so you can change if you don't like, it just doesn't work this way. I was very unsure and scared in the last two years and a week ago i actually cryed because i couldn't handle exams, grades, projects, which college should i go and what if i won't get there, choosing betweet my dream and something that can be more like a real job in the future.

In that moment when i was crying i just wanted to turn everything off and put everything on pause. You know that feeling when everything is out of control? Well, that was it! I'm not crying often, but when i do i just can't stop. But this post it's not about crying or things like this, it's about how i get over it. 

First, i said i'm not going to do anything because it's a stupid thing to be that stressed because of some exams that i'll pass anyway. That was with just a day before the exams ( simulations ) and I have no regrets. I did fine to all of them and i did my best, now i just have to wait for the results. I'm very calm about it, no stress, no worries. I will study for the real exams in summer, but not in the way i did for this ones, it's not worth it so i'm just going to go on what my mind can create then which is something my memory could never do. I respect people who can use their memory to remember facts and pointless things that school sistem require us to learn.

I decide where i'm going to college and what i want to do in life. My dream is still alive and i noticed a very interesting thing, i will always end up doing what i love even if i'm insecure about it. It will always be a something that will be mine, that makes me different from people as much as the thing you love the most makes you different of me and anybody else. Never forget who you are and never lose yourself, even if it's about school, a boy/ girl or what people think about you. You don't have to care about anything but you. If you think it's the right thing you should do it anyway, do what you feel and what makes you happy! You know that old sayin' follow your heart? It might seem hard but i promise you it's more easy then you think and you actually do it without knowing it. It's that time when you were thinking about something you aren't sure about but in the next second you did it without even thinking what you were doing. 


Review: The Founder (2017)

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If you are going at McDonald's after watching this movie then you'll see the place with other eyes.
Today, i went to McDonald's after math exam ( or simulation of the real exam, anyway ) and i can tell i've seen it completly different then before. I was on the back before, seeing the fridge, the way they are preparing the food and almost everything you can see you also can see in the movie and in real life when you are staying on the line, wondering what you should order because you want a toy but the Happy Meal doesn't have as much food as you want, or that's just my problem? Oh, i'm sorry! 

I grow up with McDonald's and i will always love thit fastfood so ple concept's story it's a very fascinating story to me. When i was little i wanted to go at Mc just for Happy Meal and for the children corner, but now i'm just in love with their food. So many parties i've been there, so many toys, it was and still is a special place to me and that's the reason why i wanted to see the movie in the first place. 

So, back to my review, The Founder was one of the movies that made me think about how many good ideas can be improved and turned into something real. The movie is about a bussines man who was trying to sell his products around the America. When he make a call he finds out somewhere on the West Coast some fastfood-or something- ordered 4 Milkshake Machines and fo him that was a huge order so he asked for a phone number and call the people who ordered. He drive in there to see the place and he was surprised. Two brotheres has been building the new American Dream, the idea of a real fastfood, because in that time the places you can eat were very very slow, the order were served wrong and you had to wait for like 30 minutes to get some food. 

This guy, Ray, was surprised about how open were the brothers with showing him the place, how they are doing the food and their concepts. On the start of the movie i was amazed because i like Ray's enthusiasm about the idea of McDonald's, naming it as "the new American Church". The two brothers wanted to keep the place open and warm for costumers, like a thing that can bring smiles on people's face, a small place, just for them and their town. Ray, on the other hand has a vision, he decide to turn the concept of McDonald's it's self into the next big thing by dreaming at a franchise. 

On the first minute i cannot stop smiling because it was the idea of '40s and that times i really love, but also i was fascinated by Ray, he was listening to motivational records to not give up and i was thinking he will do a great thing in the movie, but the things wasn't as i was expecting. The two brothers came up with McDonald's at the first place, but they were simple people and they couldn't give up on their little fastfood to an entire franchise because that wold mean to handle it a little different than they were planning. This idea of a big bussines was too much for them so they decide to stay out of it and keep the good work just for them, employees and the costumers. 

I admired Ray at the start of the movie, but them he get too fascinated with the idea of McDonald's and took it as it was it's own and that was the thing that changed the whole story and turned the small fastfood from San Francisco into a franchise. That was soon followed of money problems, economy debates, power games and a lot of plans and dedication to build such an empire. When Ray get the power he couldn't handle the bussines and his wife because his life was all about McDonald's and his wife were asking for nights spent in the club and a little atention of his. So he decide he want to divorce and so he did. 

"The Founder" left me to think about life and how some people can get to take your ideas and say it's their own. It was realistic and i've seen how people can be overwhelmed of the hard work requested so you can see your dream on a higher scale. Afraid to even think they can be "the next big thing" so i find this very inspiring and a hard like lesson to take i wasn't thinking before and that's how your plans can be stolen by other people because you were too afraid, to unsure or unready to do something to make them happen. I know it's not really a good example, but if you try to look behind the story it self and try to be focused on the lines, what the characters actually say to each other you'll notice in a very deep level that Ray didn't want to take the brothers idea, he just wanted to share it with the people, he was sure he had to do that with or without the brothers permision. 


Changing yourself can be a good thing

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There are a few reasons why i didn't post in the last few days. One is because i have (exams) simulations in a few days and because i gave my ideas notebook to my friend so she can paint it for me. Also, i'm thinking about a top 5 best songs from Eurovisin Song Contest 2017 untill i'll find something better than this and because i did this every year. But untill then, i want to talk about something else. You know what gossip really means, but is ok to use them for good? In the last few days i was thinking how many expectations people have from me and how my honest words can turn into something imoral who can made a teacher feel bad or pissed. 

I don't want to talk about my teachers for a moment because i want to open this subject when they won't be my teachers anymore but there are another 4 months untill then, so i'm going go keep my mouth shout and keep writing about anything else. As you know, i was talking about change and i really believe that people can get better because of it. When i findLevi on youtube i was on 10th grade. In that time i was part of a group without being part of it at all and that made me feel useless and good for nothing because they were always talking over me, pushing me out off any group school activities and somehow being ignored by them. It was a really hard time for me because i was just starting to be open with people, talking to my classmates but there still was that shy girl i was on my first year. When i get in a group, i start to change myself, to be more social, but there is a thing a couldn't handle and that was to boost my self confidence. 

In that summer, i start writing a book about how it is to be with popular people but having nothing to do with them. That book and the other 4 i wrote since then gave me the trust i need and i start to believe in myself and now i got the courage to say what i think without being scared or shamed of my words. And this change is very welcomed because if you respect me, i'll respect you as well. Levi was the voice i've been listening for a few days untill i've seen every vlog of he's and i'm listening to him everytime he post a new one, along with other vloggers i like. I was impresses of his life style and i remember i was always pissed a little because he was keep saying the same words and that becomes a little bit annoying, but he was just saying the same things over and over again to make us understand what he was trying the same.

Today, the sky girl i used to be is still in there, but somewhere deeper because i managed to build a new me in just two years. It's nice how life works, but now i'm not shamed or scared i'm just fine with myself, i have moments when i fell i'm beautiful and strong enough to life the way i like, without being scared of what people think about me. We are constantly changing because the things we like, people we hang out too and almost everything. My teacher once said ''You can get back home from school one day and seeing things in a new light. And that because you've been thinking about life and how good can it be for you later" Changing, means to get better, to improve yourself.


The outsider and how it feels to not be like them

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When i was younger and i was watching movies about american teenagers, i start to wonder what kind of a teenager i'll be. I didn't know in that time that in my country is not such thing as the mean girls, populars, football team and geeks, or not in this way anyway. I was talking with diva's, geeks, football, karate and handball guys, church girl, rockers and more categories of people like this, but the only kind of teenager i never meet was the outsider. I never meet somebody who won't belong to any group, but that was before i start to figure it out i was the outsider. I tryed to find the person i'm and i get trough so many times when i tryed new things so i can find myself. I tryed to be emo, rocker, diva, the artist- this one helped me somehow because i realised i can draw and write and i have a passion for literature and estetics. 

Being an outsider may sound bad or unright, but i also figured that maybe i'm not good enough for everyone, maybe i don't belong to them, but that's alright. In that time when i was with the a group made of people pasionate of music, one of my classmates ( who was one of them ) said something what messed my mind "I respect her!" and something about how innocent and pure i'm, something like this, i can't remember the right words. So i wasn't one of them, but i was something they can't be either and they were finding fascinating. Also, this year, "popular" or "mean girls" told me i'm so nice and patient with a lot of people. 

In some ways i was talking with every possible group but then i figured it out i'm just that person from outside, the one who was looking in without any permision to actually get in that club. People are mean, ignorant or just stupid, but the thing i hate the most is gossip and how people can turn the truth into something imoral or wrong. I'm not judging people untill i get to know them, and when i figure it out they are this way there is nothing else to say.

If you watched DIVERGENT you know how it feels to be an outsider. I was reading Veronica Roth’s book in my first year of high school and i was fascinated of that word and i remember i was talking a lot about the faction i can be part of and in that time i was keep saying Erudit or Friendship, but now i just think i’m a Divergent because i can’t be just part of one faction. Also in that time i was the lonley wolf, talking with no one, always reading, always with my music, i came in high school with a lot of issues from middle school and i can’t wait to finish the high school and forget about everyone in there. I will miss them but not as much to cry for them, life goes on and even if you are an outsider now it won't define you and if it doess, is in a good way. It means you are different and they are just a group of people following the rules and being just like others.


Nothing is forever but you still can leave something behind

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This morning i was in the bus station and the girl i was waiting for told me" Good morning, Ada! Why are you sad?" I told her i was just tired and sleepy and she said "You look sad every morning!" I'm not sure how i'm i looking every morning but i know i'm really tired. This small thing, that she noticed how i look every morning, but she was really worried about me, which is interesting cuz it's not like i'm talking to her more then a few words in a day. 

It's nice to see someone acting like a human being, even if they don't want anything from you as everyone is expecting. Kind people are still there. I'm writing in here about people and the person you should be, giving advices all around and maybe talking about things i don't know (or you think i don't). I'm not as i want, but i like the person i become and i encourage you to be this way (someone you are glad to be) because life will be better. A few years ago, someone told me "You can't write about love this way if you never had a boyfriend!" i wanted to say something hard to take, but i also wanted to be elegant, to act like a lady without being rude (because that was really not the case). I don't remember what i said, but after that scene i was thinking about that and i think it wasn't right! I can write without owning the person who inspire me and i can write about death without dying, so that argument was pointless. 

Self confidence issues are the worst things i ever went trough. I'm very fragile at heart and i can cry in a second, but i can also tell you what i think, just like that without even caring about the weight of the words. I'm not somebody who can inspire you and i'm not asking you that. Life is full of obstacles and we have to fight and do our best to get where you want to be. People are changing, life is changing us, all the situations and rough moments we've been trough, every memory we have, every second, nothing is infinite, nothing is forever. I used to think i can change the world, to become another important name in history, somebody people will talk about in the next hundreds of years. 

Too much? Alright, let's get back in the present where we can do that change, where we can build our future so we can be remembered. What do you want to be remembered for? Think about it! And when you'll have an idea, don't ignore it because no matter how stupid it is or how hard or impossible it seems to make it really, if you believe in you, nothing can't stop you! So i may not be somebody to inspire you, but i believe in people and i know how important is to keep every idea alive. 


Some words about what a "mărțișor" means

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I wasn't sure when i said "mărțișor" in my instagram post. But i did and now i feel the need to explane why i used it and what it means.

First of all, it's the old name of March ( Martie, in romanian ) and a "mărțișor" represent a talisman of protection, but also a symbol of Spring, like flowers. Every year, on 1st of March, romanian boys are giving romanian girls this talismans, but this rule is always breaking because most of the time girls are giving to each other this talismans.

The classic one represents two strings, one red and one white, i'm not really sure what's the meaning but it's something between Winter and Summer. This symbols can be found in different forms, bracelets, brooches and maybe more. Since older times, a guy should give it to a girl and also put the mărțișor on. My father don't like this thing and he refuse to put my bracelets, my classmates are doing the same so i have to put them on by myself. Basically, this procedure it's an act of protection and kindness.

In the country side, it's a symbol of protection against the evil eye ( deochi, in romanian), but in urban regions it turned more in an act of love, friendship, care and all of the above.

Most of them are handmade, but you can find when in various models as clover, chimney sweep, snowdrop, zodiac signs, precious stones and more. My favorites are animal ones like frogs with owls, but i have an old one with an elefant i really like. I remember a few years ago L was looking everywhere in town to find me one with a frog, because i love frogs (shamed emoji ). Frogs, owls, hamsa hands, pretious stones and all of this weird and hard to find kind of mărțișor's are one of my favorite. There are also a lot of models of hearts and i don't like every kind of heart and it's very hard to find the perfect one for me. 

This year was poor for me because the Spring Fair wasn't as nice as it was when i was younger. But i don't have to be sad, even if i'm a little. It's just a passing thing and won't matter in April or in the next few months. Maybe i don't need flowers or this little symbols i was used too, but i know there are some people i'm really grateful for and don't need some material things to make me happy. 

I get it, some things can't be translated, i mean, what is that Beautiful Spring Everyone? Well, that's what we are saying today and in the next few days. 

Primăvară frumoasă tuturor! 


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