Always stay humble and kind

Last year i wrote about my favorite song and how will be like to listen to the same song for the rest of your life. Since then, i found a lot of good and amazing bands and i lived a lot of feeling with their songs. Soon after i wrote about my favorite song, i found Humble and kindand i fall in love with it.

In a sea full of love or break up songs, i found this lyrical life leason and i'm really grateful i did because i start singing it and i actualy found myself a couple of times thinking about it. Beautiful and simple with a very poweful message, to be humble and kind. This is one of the few songs that make me see my life in a new perspective. I used to sing "Always stay humble and kind" everyday, and when i made my facebook page, i used this line on my description and i think it's still there. 

This song help me to see things in a beautiful way, to be more positive and really grateful of what i have. So, it kinda changed everything, including The Owl. Being a beautiful person means more then a beautiful face, you need to have a beautiful heart at first. Helping people, smiling at strangers and doing random things for the ones you love. 

I think everyone should be humble sometimes, but kind everytime they can. I'm trying to be kind but there are moments when, even if i'm such a pacient person i just can't stop myself of getting angry or annoyed by some people who crossed the limit of my pacience. I can't change the word on my own, but at least we all should try because everyone has something to say and our words and things we are doing may become a lesson for someone else who may be your child or somebody else kid. 

Inspiring others is one of the things i'm glad i do and i hope you are doing it too.

When i start this blog i was unsure and very shy. So shy that i had to make some self-confidence exercices. In that time i was the quiet one, that girl with a book who knew random things about litearature when the rest of class was silent. Last day, i was staying in the bus and thinking about who nice my classmates become somehow in the last couple of years and why i'm still an outsider who don't belong to any group. Maybe because i'm different then them, too different that i can't adapt to them or they just can't adapt to me. I used to think i'm too weird, too shy, too stupid, too ugly for them. Not smoking, not wearing make up and not being as perfect as they were. This school year, a few girls from my class told me i'm so nice and pacient and they will never wait for someone as long as me. I used to wait people in snow and rain for like hours and that because i never could go to school alone. I needed two years of walking alone on streets at night so i can fix that self-trust problem, but i'm just fine now. 

Living your life is an adventure itself, and simply by living it you become more wiser then you were when you were younger. The most amazing moments comes when you least expect them and when you have them you try to keep them close to your heart but we all know there will never be just the good things in life. Sometimes you have to meet sadness and pain, but after all of this hard days there is always a little thing like a nice word or a sweet smile of your friend so you can be happy again. Some people grow up in pain and tears and i'm not going to keep that lecture with "you should be grateful you live this way, there are some kids who had nothing and you are complaining." i know it well and what i really try to say is: be grateful for everything you have because someday you'll find the way to get what you want and nobody can buy it for you. 

Keep your head up and always stay humble and kind! 


English with some mistakes

As everyone is talking about new year resolutions I was thinking i should make a pattern or something by writing in english a month and then in romanian for the next month, but then i was thinking i'm an independent speaker in english ( B1) and i need to practice for the exams in may so i guess this is the best reason to keep writing in english, practising and, to be honest, most of my ideas are pomping in my head in english so it makes me more easy to express in one language without forcing myself to translate it into my native language. I noticed my blog is most read when i write in english so i'll go on this one.

I'm studying Finnish in my free time and french at school, but to be honest, after 8 years of french classes i still can't speak on my own, but if i read something or i watch a movie on TV Monde Europe i understand what are they saying. About finnish, it's actually more complicated but i like the challange of learning this language. It may seem hard but actually is really funny to learn it and i really love it. Maybe someday i will write in french and finnish too, but untill then i have to practice. 

When i was little my grandma by my father side told me: look at your aunt, she speaks 7 languages and in that time i wasn't able to understand english and not even my natal language but another ones.
I'd love to speak in finnish because i just like to pronounce their words, complicated and interesting in the same time. I wrote about the main reason i get this one, but for the ones who didn't read the article or did not speak romanian i'll just keep it short. A couple of years ago there was a finnish band on eurovision representing finland and i was looking into my phone when they come up on the stage and start their performance. A few minutes later i was asking L. who they were and i remember everything i wanted was to know more about them. When she told me they were from Finland i just googled them and here we go, i found Softengine. Last summer i start searching about finlad and their music and culture and somehow i made this spontan choose to learn finnish.

There are so many beautiful languages and dialects that you can learn, but most of the people are lazier then others and they just don't care about this challanging game of learning a new language. But, lazy or not, thank you so much for reading this and following my blog even if i have the worst english ever.

I was reading somewhere about the fact when you are talking in another language you have another personality. This freaked me out when i read it and still does, but somehow i can't deny i'm not different when i'm speaking in english or romanian. Sometimes i just combine them into a conversation because i cannot find a very specific word and im just saying it in another language and then things has more sense.


Cadoul de Crăciun

Aerul rece de iarnă îmi pătrundea prin fularul gros de lână tricotat de mama cu mulți ani în urmă. Puteam simți mâna fiicei mele chiar și prin materialul mănușii ei. Nu a vrut să își poarte fularul, dar am convins-o în schimb să își îndese fesul pe cap.
-Mami, mă strigă ea și mi-am coborât privirea spre ea.
-Da, mami? Am întrebat încercând să îmi fac vocea mai puțin tremurată decât era de fapt.
-Putem să ne uităm puțin la jucării, te rog?
Chipul ei rugător mi-a frânt inima, făcându-mă să cedez fără ca măcar să apuc să-i explic. După un scurt moment de gândire am aprobat din cap, lăsându-mă purtată de mâinile ei mici spre vitrina din fața librăriei unde erau expuse o mulțime de jucării și de păpuși de ultimă generație. Le-a scanat pe toate de parcă ar fi încercat să se decidă cu care să se joace mai întâi. Mă durea de fiecare dată când rămânea cu fața ei mică lipită de suprafața lucioasă a geamului care o despărțea de lucrurile pe care și-le dorea. Noile jucării sunt foarte scumpe și oricât de mult aș lucra pentru a face rost de bani, tot nu reușeam să strâng suficient.
-Cât de frumoasă e păpușa aceea! Mami, uite! Îmi arăta o mică siluetă plastifiată, îmbrăcată într-o rochie albastră, simplă, care îmi amintea foarte mult de versiunile păpușii Barbie care erau pe vremea mea.
Nu îmi spune niciodată dacă vrea ceva și de cele mai multe ori nu face decât să îmi arate cele mai modeste lucruri din vitrină. Nu îmi plăcea să o văd că se amăgește așa și aproape că îmi venea să plâng de fiecare dată când îi promiteam că îi luam câte ceva, dar nu reușeam niciodată să fac rost de suficienți bani pentru o jucărie atât de scumpă.
Ușa librăriei s-a deschis, iar clopoțelul a început să cânte, ducându-mă cu gândul la colindele copiilor din zonă. O femeie înaltă cu ochii albaștrii și cu un păr negru și scurt s-a aplecat spre ea și i-a zâmbit. Micuța a făcut la fel, știind cât de importantă este amabilitatea în cazul în care întâlneam oameni noi.

-Asta e pentru tine, a spus femeia îndesând ceva în palma fetei.
-Vă mulțumim, dar nu este nevoie, am zis când am realizat ce era de fapt. 
-Dar insist, doar e Crăciunul! a insistat femeia ridicându-și puțin bărbia. Și atunci l-am văzut, un zâmbet cât se poate de sincer venit din partea unei străine. Deși părea un gest din milă, nu l-am mai simțit așa în momentul în care a îmbrățișat-o pe micuța care s-a grăbit apoi să-mi arate frumoasa păpușă cu rochie albastră. Iar, în acel an, pot spune că mă bucur foarte mult că a simți de o zi de Crăciun.


Life issues will make school years to feel easy

This year i have a pretty important exam to pass, something romanian called "Bacalaureat", which practically represents a diploma of my high school years knowledge. But we are learning tones of books so we can get a decent grade. So, i believe it will be a hard year but when we'll end with all the stress we will have the summer with no homeworks or things to do. I remember the last summer i spend this way, being lazy all day around and just doing nothing but chilling. 

Weird stuff happen all the time, especially in my daily life. We are all growen up but still kids at once, and the future happen and we need to start like mature and responsable adults, which we are in the papers. But life is silly if you don't have some crazy memories and without a childish heart in an adult body, i'm i right? 

When i was younger i was reading an article about studying hacks and one of them was including posters with your favorite actors and bands or cats or everything you like and makes you smile. Now i know it as a inspiration board and i have to admite it really works, but depends on the person. For exemple, you may not like to stay and paste a houndrets of pictures with random things that you don't like just because i said so or you just read in a magazine or you've seen a video on youtube. You just have to paste something that you love, or ( like me) you can make a playlist for that. I have this playlist i'm listening when i want to stay focus, but i always end up singing along and it actually work, it makes me feel happy and that feeling are helping me to undersand what i try to remember. 

I wrote in illustration the word "Skull" and i want you to know it's not random as it seems. I used to learn with a little skull on my notebook. Strange habit, i know, i sill don't know why i was doing that but i think it's funny when i'm thinking about it. Also, i used it for the pronunciation because "school" and "skull" sounds pretty similar and i has happy when i figured about this little words game i haven't in my plan. 

This years start good, with snow, meteorological warnings, closed schools and free time to study for exams. I like to see things this way because my eternal wish in the last couple of years was "I wish i had more time for blog, for a walk, for a movie night and for suplimentar work." and i guess i get it somehow. Nice to have a few days off after the winter holiday, but stress  and hard work will won't go until i've seen myself chilling in summer with this huge perspective of my future. 

The only advice i can give to you is: Live your life, do what you want and focus just on the things that concern you the most, like: future, relationships, dreams, hopes...and always do what you love and stay around true people, because the toxic ones will just hurt you.


My beauty rituals, if i can name them this way

Every woman feel the need to be beautiful, even if she already is. We can't be perfect because perfection itself it's an illusion, but that won't stop us to feel pretty from inside and from outside. When i start watching beauty tutorials on youtube they were just ads on the videos i was trying to watch. So i have no idea about all of this beauty blogging, but there are still a few products i'm using and i want to share with you my beauty routine. 

Face care

After washing my face, i'm aplying a moisturizing cleansing milk from GEROVITAL, it will sound weird when i'm not even using make up products. I need to aply it before going to sleep and in the morning. The pharmacist who sell it to me said she recomands me to use it all the time because it will permanently help me with my face issues and soon i realised that i really need this kind of ritual even if sometimes i'm too lazy to aply it or just forgetting it. 

At first, i was using Doina, but when i've seen this new one i have to admite it: it's the best. When i've seen it in the farmacy i was wondering if it's good enough for me and it trully is. I'm using it for a couple of months and it really does it's job and also i love to appy it on my face, im feeling like i'm playing in the wrong movie and the real one is just about to start.

Hands care

Fot my hands care i have this two creams, Nivea with bed edition ( i really love the design, and i actually brought it just for the little box. And Lace Love by Oriflame

 i get as present last year on 1st of Match when i had the best movie night with my mother. I had the Lace Love soap too, but i hated it, cream is cool, but soap, i just used it because i wanted to get rid of it.

This two creams are really good and gentle with my skin and i just love using them. I warmly recomands Dove, it's good too ( but not for face, i made that mistake). When i was in middle school, L told me i have fat fingers and very small hands. She was right and now when i'm thinking about that moment of my life i just can't stop smiling.

Nail care
For this chapter i have this pretty Bat Man nail set i brought from Primark Duchland when i was in Dresden and it was like 3,5€. It's nice and small, just perfect for a trip or somebody like me who doesn't have many stuff when it comes to nail care. I also have 4 nail polish, 1. Black ( i have a thing for black nails) 2. This little cream or sometihng, more like a solution for cuticles, from Orkide, has a pretty nice aspect, a transparent blue, really nice. 3. Then comes another nail polish my mother brought for me, it is purple and i don't think if i will use it because it's such a cold color and don't represent me, but i can't bet i won't try it one day 4. Blue topper special efect from Essence. This one come with the July number of Unica Magazine i brought just for Ana Morodan's interview. With it i have a little shampoo from Nivea( i'm not using it) and this nice topper i wore all summer. I have to admit it makes me smile when i see it on my nails painted. It's such a nice feeling.

Hair care
Ok, i have to say i'm not really great about this. I'm actually a mess, but i also love my hair as much as i want to cut it down. I'm not hating it, i just want to keep it short because i'm to lazy to wash it two times a week. And that might be a reason to use a Dry Shampoo. When i'm not hiding the fact i don't have time or i'm too lazy and i actually washing my hair, i highly recomand Le petite marseillais. It just feel like a cream on my head and hair and it's very nice. I had a hard time finding the perfect shampoo or something to wash my hair. In that time i hated the idea of washing my hair, but with Le petite i really like it. You can find it at every store and it's like 8-11 lei. Mine was 9lei, but that depends of store. 


Hotărâri de ordin general pe 2017

2016 fost unul dintre cei mai frumoși ani din viața mea și nu îmi pasă că nu sunt atât de adultă precum este scris în acte, deși trebuie să admit că am devenit cumva mai înțeleaptă în ultimele douăsprezece luni. Dacă mă întrebați ce mi-am dorit de la 2016 răspunsul meu ar fi mult mai plictisitor decât majoritatea orelor pe care le frecventez. Acum când scriu articolul, când nici măcar nu am trecut în noul an, încep să mă gândesc la toate momentele din ultimul an, aproape ca un Best2016 de pe instagram, doar că în minte.  ____________
An nou fericit!
365 zile 365 posibilități
La mulți ani 2017!

Sunt atât de multe motive pentru care sunt recunoscătoare, iar mare parte din acestea se află chiar aici, pe blog. Evenimente precum plecarea în Germania, simularea de bac din martie și noul meu coleg de cameră Patrick, pe lângă alte câteva probleme adolescentine și încercarea de-a publica o carte (care a eșuat, desigur), chiar a fost un an frumos, plin de experiențe unice și definitorii, pot spune, în anumite decizii pe care le-am luat sau lucruri de care mi-am dat seama pe parcursul lui. A fost pur și simplu unul dintre acei ani în care nu poți sta deloc degeaba. Am dat probe pentru Erasmus și am luat, apoi am plecat. Prima dată cu avionul, prima călătorie într-o altă țară (fără familie). În vară am ajuns la mare după foarte mult timp și am citit cu drag o carte de care îmi doream de foarte mult timp să mă apuc, fiind ceva care mi-a bucurat mica excursie la fel de mult ca priveliștea mării de la fereastră. Îmi amintesc că stăteam în parcul din fața hotelului și citeam, fiind pe jumătate prinsă de firul povești. Marele Gatsby, este o carte la care aș reveni de fiecare dată când îmi amintesc de ea fără să îmi pară că îmi pierd timpul în vreun fel sau altul, așa cum simt în cazul altor cărți. Desigur, este și unul dintre cele mai citite articole postate în 2016.

Recunoscătoare pentru toate lucrurile care mi s-au întâmplat, deciziile pe care le-am făcut și oamenii pe care îi am alături. Poate nu a fost un an chiar atât de strălucit pe cât mi-aș fi dorit, dar a fost unul din cei mai frumoși și îmi doresc, plină de încredere și de curiozitate, să văd ce e dincolo de el, ce mă așteaptă în următorul set de douăsprezece luni care stau să vină.

După moarte lui Gatsby, Nick a găsit două liste create de acesta, una din ele fiind intitulată Hotărâri de ordin general, iar cealaltă pur și simplu un fel de orar. Iar cum am deja un program primit la începutul semestrului și pentru că îmi place să mă gândesc la lucrurile care mi s-ar putea întâmpla în anul care urmează să vină (un fel de listă de dorințe, cred) o să îmi creez propria listă după modelul lui Gatsby, deși am deja una făcută, dar care trebuie cumva actualizată pentru noul an, fiind astfel destul de mult timp de când am creat propriile hotărâri de ordin general. De postat, le voi posta pe Instagram, cât și pe Twitter imediat ce va fi gata. 

Trecând pe lângă organizarea personală și tot ceea ce ține de aceasta, sper că ați avut un an minunat și vă doresc să aveți parte de bucurie și zâmbete în 2017. Nu uitați "always stay humble and kind!"