Blogging over the years

That's my blind journey through blogging over the years:

Building my first blog on Blogger after watching Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars. It was called Ada's blog for anything, but the name was kinda stolen from a classmate who had a fashion and beauty blog in that time- so you can see how disperate i was to have a blog in that time, even if i had no idea how to use a blog or what to do with it. 

I renamed the same blog ”Teen Creep”, ”Butterfly on the right shoulder”,”Butterfly upside down”, ”Fluturele de pe umărul drept” and i started to write stories and to post random music videos from Youtube.

My sophomore year come with the same anxiety from the freshman year and i decided to put my thoughts somewhere and i choosed this blog. I erased everything from the old blog and i decided to take this seriously, but to be honest, i still got no idea what i was doing around here

I got used to write on pictures before posting something, just like those american lifestyle blogs because, in that time, i started to figure it out some patterns and things a blog needs to have and this is the month i get to write more.

With a month before going to Germany i wrote a review of Back to the future and i did a huge research for that post (24 tabs opened, more or less, all with informations and things i needed to know about the movies), moment when i started to post less, but with well written posts (or at least that's what i thought).

Inspired by Heathers Stillufsen's Illustrations i changed the random pictures with drawings made by hand so i can give a nice aspect and an unique style, but i can only write what's in my head, not to draw so i kinda started to draw myself without knowing what was going to happen with that specific idea. 

Exams were near and i was bored. Looking ar the H&M's Spring-Summer Collection i drew one of the girls from the Catalog and when i finished i realised that's waht i have to do with my blog. It looked great and it seemed such a good idea for The Owl (the name that lasted almost two years). It was like i finally found my blogging style.

MAI- 40k 

In July 2016 i had 22K views and after a year i got 41K which was a HUGE surprise and till these days i am surprised every single time when i am looking at the views. I always thought that no one was reading my blog and seeing those numbers is unreal sometimes.

I have this problem with blogger themes because i want something like other bloggers but after i changed my theme a few times i got frustrated because i can't handle HTML codes so i decided to keep it simple and be focused on my content instead of spending time on changing my design when i am always ending up sad because i can't change it the way i want to.  It's funny that, in that time, i didn't even know which kind of design i wanted to use, i was just running round without a destination exploring things i couldn't understand. 
I won't even get into real domain discussion!
This month, i learned to be greatful for what i have and to ignore the urges to have more. Maybe in time i will have all the things i am dreaming of, or something even better, but for the moment, my content is way more important than any other designs or a domain.


I decided to be more organised and to stay true to my content. So, for now i am posting every Wednesday and Friday and it works well for my content and for my patience. I am really productive and i can work on the future posts when some are already scheduled and also i got enough time for drawing. 

I changed the tags into categories so i can write mainly about stuff i know. Note to self: Write everyday! 

JUNE- 50k
I decided to read Spider Gwen and i noticed some spiritual quotes from the comic and i came up with the idea of a new kind of post which includes a list with quotes from comic books or different novels.

Digital drawings! I got this ambition to try digital art and i also get very fascinated by cartoonish drawings and i've decided to learn how to draw some on my own.

Deep posts, poems and random short stories. I got so many nice things on my twitter and i came up with posts out of them.

I fot the courage to ask on Instagram for blog ideas to see what happen and i got so happy of how it turned out. I got very sweet ideas i've never thought of, even if there were just a few. I learned that i should't be shamed of what people thing about me pouring my heart out when i am writing. If my opinion is wrong for some, it might be something nice for others, everything goes full circle and it starts at the point where you decide to take the risk and express yourself freely.

Be more thoughtfull about what you post because the first contact your readers have with your blog is most likely an old post and it's up to that to decide if they want to join you or not.

My first idea for this year was to make everything simple, and the whole theme to be white with faded shades of different colors, but while i was looking for the perfect pictures, i figured that what i wanted wasn't what i needed and it's the best version of this blog i couldn've ever made in almost four years.

Am pus un poll pe instagram să văd care dintre desene (digital sau scanat) ar arăta mai bine, iar în urma mai multor voturi a ieșit imaginea scanată, ceea ce înseamnă că reiau vechia metodă de ilustrare a postărilor pe care am abordat-o toamna acum doi ani și păstrez semnătura cu desenele faceless.
De asemenea, am observat o creștere mai mare a vizualizărilor în ultima perioadă decât anii trecuți.

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