Endless Summer and how I get in a new FANDOM

Last year, I’ve been watching MaxInfinite and PewDiePie playing Life Is Strange and I fell in love with the DONTNOD game and slowly after the first episode I start to ship Warren and Max, I also admired the graphic and the story itself. It’s a little weird at some point when Warren seems to stalk Max, but moving on (because there's no point to talk about this)  that was my welcome point in games fandoms.

Endless Summer is a visual 2D choices book about a group of kids who get stuck on the island La Huerta, along with the pilot who get them there and the guide. They are living a series of weird events and they can find a lot of clues based on your choices. And after a few times they are trying to get out of the Island there is something in their way. The plane was set on fire, the boats were damaged, there was absolutely no way to get out of La Huerta and the island is full of unknown and dangerous things that can get yourself killed. It’s funny how my MC ( main character ) died in several ocassions when I made some bad choices, but the beauty of it is that you can start from the check point without replaying the whole chapter.

At first, I was focused on another book (The Freshman) and I played it just for diamonds and I didn’t actually liked the game when I played it the first time. But when I get deep in the story I was took by surprise and by the end of the book I figured that I have a crush on Jake (the pilot) and so does my MC, which is nice because in book two you can actually date your love interest, when on the first book they are learning to work together as a team and leave the differences behind so they keep themselves alive, but also you get some strong relationships and make the other people to like you.

When I start to like a new story, I’m always looking for more of it on Pinterest, but this time, I decide to try on tumblr, which was exactly what I needed. There are so many people who are playing this and who are making fan art or writing fan fiction. I have read a fanfic and I cried, for real! It was so beautiful and emotional that I couldn’t help myself but cry. I admire those people’s work and I’m looking foreword for more.

I made another blog, special for that because I was thinking about my friends and I didn’t wanted to fill their minds with those useless details about the book they doesn’t care about, so I decide to make a special page for it where I’m free to post about whatever I like and reblog what I like. Now I regret it a little because I have to handle the both tumblr pages without mixing them, but I’m failing at this. I’ve been talking to people from the fandom, some of them tagged me in their posts and I felt so happy and honored. Also, I wrote something about Jake and his size because, he’s one of the shortest guys from their group and somehow someone started a conversation with me about his size and how short babes are the best. I like short people, (no judgement here) so I really liked what he said and I felt the need to write back, which I did. Also, i've made Endless Summer PhotoAlbum Part I and Part II with the picture i thought are closer with ES's storyline.

The best part of being in a fandom is this whole interaction thing, where you can talk to people about things you like without being called weird or getting people confused because they have no idea of what are you talking about and what exactly try to tell them. They just don’t understand, and that’s just fine. You can’t blame them because that’s how it is. You might like something or you might not, everyone has different taste and if they don’t like the things you are into you manage to annoy them with your endless stories and explanations of why you ship Jake and MC or MC and Quinn. That’s the reason why those fandoms are made for and even if Endless Summer is a small one, you can still enjoy it because the story is so full of surprises that you won’t even expect.

Playing this game I realized how important are the words that you say and how they can affect the way how people see you. I’m used to say the first thing that pops out of my mind, and the first time I played I choose what t thought it should be said or the thing I thought is the right for them to do. Some of those kids from the group liked my MC and others don’t, but I think that’s because of their personalities and because you can’t get everyone to like you, which is totally fine. I’m having nice conversations with the ones who do and I’m being nice with the ones who don’t.

It’s funny when I’m all chill and calm, trying to spread love and peace but my MC is getting mad and I’m just like “Whooo girl, hang on! Calm down and consider this, there’s no need to be pissed, they did nothing wrong so stop yelling at them” It’s not like she will be listening to me because that’s the game made but it’s still a little funny to see my MC getting angry for no reason.

The book was made by Pixelberry writers and the app is called Choices: Stories You Play. If you don’t like Endless Summer you can find many other books in there that you might like. You might like Most Wanted, The crown and the flame and The Freshmen series which is the one that made me love their books and stories. 

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