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Three months ago i wrote my 10 THINGS TO DO BEFORE COLLEGE where i mentioned a few things i wanted to do in this amount of time i had in that moment before and after the exams. I'm a list fan and i can't finish anything without an actual list with stuff to do so i can keep myself organised and focused on what i have to do instead of doing ten things on the same time and never finish because of my easy to distract nature. This list is the first one i finished for a long time and i actually did every single thing on it. 

As much i can remember, that old post was at first about my idea of "time capsule" to write a letter to my 28 years olf self and as a reminder of this summer when i turned from a Senior in HighSchool  into a Freshman in College and i wanted to capture it somehow so i made the list with the ocassion of the timing and the letter. 

1. Study for my exams and 2. Pass all my exams with decent grades

I'm a very, but VERY lazy person and i had this problem with chimistry because there was no way for me to understand the math in it, but i studyed the theory (which i should've done for the first semester, but as i mentioned above, i'm very lazy and i had this idea on my head that i wasn't going to make it by myself because it seemed hard to remember by logic) and i managed to pass with that decent grade i was talking about a month before the exams.

I could've been better but i'm a lazy ass and i hope the fact that i will be studying something i've been googling for so many years terms and any profesional advices in this field will keep me interested in studying and out of my confort zone. 

3.Visit Sibiu and 4.Being accepted at my dream college

When i was 12 years old i was picturing myself as a Senior on the University Lucian Blaga from Sibiu and before the exams i was thinking about it and i was wondering what if i was going to study there to make that "dream" come true? 

I had this idea of studying there for the first month before and after the exams and somehow, in July i finally went to Sibiu to submit my file so i can go to college there and i got accepted but i didn't come back to confirm my spot so i lost it by choice. About the dream college, i figured it wasn't really a exact college i wanted to learn. At first i was so sure Lucian Blaga was my dream college and the reasons i didn't come back to confirm my spot were many. My parents had there reasons and i got mine. 

When i went to Sibiu i was so happy about the experience and i felt so lucky to be there on their college hallways and i was so close of being a future student there that i wasn't expecting what was going to happen next in my student life. I get my file, a nice lady get my name in their computer, i signed something and that was it. After that when i was waiting for my train i went to eat to Frieda and when i was eating my pizza and i start to wonder if it was the right thing to do, to stay there for the next three years or to find another way? 

To be honest, i was mostly concerned about where was Tribunei Street because i wanted so bad to see Mă gândesc la ea non-stop for real. Call me silly for not being focused on the right thing in that moment, i won't blame you. I'm very rushed all the time and i'm acting like there is no other time for something and i don't know if i will have the ocassion, but there are also moments i'm missing because of my rush, easily distracted nature and my doubts.

5. Relax

I had plenty of relxing moments on the beach when i was to Mangalia where i had a lot of unique experiences i'm planing to write about soon (if i don't get too distracted with some other projects) 

Ignoring my sea-side-escape, i'm not a busy person so this summer i mostly waste my time doing nothing, watching TV which i still do watching The Simpsons and some other shows on Tv instead of doing all the Blogging/ Editing my novel. But i'm doing my best and i really want to write more posts this month before NaNoWriMo season. 

6. Mountain trip

When i wrote the list i was so sure i was going to mountains in September and the sea trip was as unexpected as the cancelling the mountain trip. 

I crossed this line when i went to Sibiu because you have to cross some mountains in your way there and i saw those and i admired them. It was 6 in the morning when i was like one of those characters from cartoons with my face pasted to the train window, staring at the mountains like i've never seen something like this before. It was beautiful and definitly worth it, but oh, my Lord, the 12 hours spend in train were the worst.

7. Enjoy this summer

Seeing it as the summer when i become a college student, i really enjoyed it. By being lazy after a month of stress to go get the required papers for College.

I got the chance to do new things, to do my stuff and to be lazy. But i also learned how to enjoy myself as a person, to not have higher expectations and because i worked constantly on my novel. When i said i wanted to be a writer i didn't know how painful is to edit your draft, but now i know how to handle the whole editing process i know it will take a while when my novel will be ready for the print. 

8. Try new food

I'm not the kind of person who love food, like, for real! I actualy don't like to eat only if it's something i like or when i'm hungry. I added this line on my list because i'm very pretentious when it comes to food (and books, movies, TV series, people...) so i was thinking i should get out of my pretentious bubble of favorite food and i ate something new. I also tried a few kind of pizza i never tryed before and some soup. I'm not a soup lover and i have when i see something green floating on my soup i want to push the bowl and never see it again.

Those soups were simple and with no other intruder vegetable in them and i liked them. I also tryed hamsi (European anchovy) with lemon and some sticks i still have no idea what were made of but they were called Mexiros if i remember well. We said "With no spicey souce" and the guy on salls told to the other guy who was making them to give us Mexiros with Finetti and Strawberry preserved and you can imagine my face i made when i head. I was so happy that i get to eat finetti.  

9. Save money

Turns out i'm a really good money saver! Maybe because i'm not a normal teenager who enjoy going to festivals and having fun in summer. As you've seen, i'm more like the kind that you'll find sitting on the chair, reading on the front porch listening Willie Nelson instead of going to parties or having fun like any other teenager i know.

Of course, there is no front porch when you're in city, but now you know my ultimate dream which might not sound as good as it does for me but hey, we are all different here and i bet your idea of fun is really cool!

10. Spend time with my family and friends

I've spend a LOT of time with my family and friends this summer and i'm so glad i did. When i start laughing and making jokes with my father was one of the moment i started to ask myself "who are these people?" and i noticed how cool my parents can be most of the time.

When i get to talk more with them and i start acting less like a grumpy and isolated person, i get to know them better and i'm glad i did, we get to understand each other a little bit.


Înapoi în timp, prin muzică

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Pe lângă scris și vorbit constant despre ceea ce scriu, cărți, blog, filme și alte chestii, muzica este ceva nelipsit în procesul meu de creație, cât și în rutina mea zilnică. Nu pot sta o zi fără să ascult cel puțin două cântece, indiferent dacă acestea sunt românești tradiționale, country americane, indie, rock sau balade celtice.

În primăvară, am scris The Owl's OST ca o introducere a acestei noi categorii pentru că, pe cât îmi place să ascult, cu atât mai mult îmi place să vorbesc despre asta. După cum am mai menționat și în alte postări, am crescut cu nume precum U2, ABBA, Roxette, George Michael, dar și alte trupe ascultate de părinții mei atunci când eram mică, dar și muzica anilor 2000 când i-am descoperit pe Green Day, King Of Leons, Paramore, Avril Lavigne, Tokio Hotel când am început să îmi fac singură o idee despre preferințele mele muzica. 

Primii ani de liceu au fost cei în care am început să ascult country, când l-am descoperit pe Hunter Hayes în vacanța de iarnă a clasei a 9-a. Mai târziu, am intrat în Indie, alternativ, balade celtice, muzică tradițională finlandeză, tradițională românească și câteva alte stiluri pe care fie nu le recunosc, fie nu îmi pot aminti de ele. 

Azi, o să urc în DeLorean pentru a studia puțin vocile secolului trecut. Călătorind în timp, am pregătit câteva cântece, mai speciale, pot spune, pe care le-am descoperit din întâmplare și pe care vreau să le împart cu voi. Am inclus nume precum Elvis, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash și Frank Sinatra. Mamă, Elvis! Asta glumește sau e pe bune? Nu glumesc, toată lumea crede că muzica din secolul trecut e depășită  de cea actuală, dar e greșit să gândești așa. Dacă muzica își îndeplinește scopul, ce mai contează cât e de veche? Știu pe cineva care nu știe cine e Frank Sinatra și pot spune că sunt puțin dezamăgită că tot ceea ce înseamnă muzică clasică este subapreciată de cât mai multe persoane care par a fi uitat de unde a pornit totul. Nu sunt nici eu o expertă, dar sunt deschisă la diversitate.

Sunt o mulțime de trupe și DJ în ziua de azi, dar a fost la fel și acum 50 de ani și în fiecare decadă de când muzica a trecut de Gospel-ul ce răsuna în biserici, unde îl putem încadra pe Louis Armstrong (Regele Jazz-ului) pe care l-am descoperit acum un an în încercarea de-a găsi un cover pentru cineva și nu am regretat când am dat de el.

Dolly Parton- Jolene

Cumva, cred că am știut mereu de Dolly așa cum știam de Elvis, având un nume inconfundabil, dar nu eram atât de bine informată încât să și știu ce fel de muzică interpretează. 

Am căutat-o pe Dolly când am dat de duetul lui Ashley Monroe și Blake Shelton You Ain't Doll ( And You Ain't Porter)  și inițial am crezut că era un fel de film sau vreun cuplu faimos al muzicii sau ceva, whatever, asta până am realizat că este vorba de Dolly Parton și Porter Wagoner, aici aveți un cântec interpretat de cei doi: The BeginningDe asemenea, prima versiune a cântecului pe care am ascultat-o a fost cea a lui Miley și mi-a plăcut încă de atunci. Jolene spune povestea unei femei care crede că o alta încearcă să îi fure bărbatul, drept pentru care o imploră ”I'm begging you please don't take my man.''

Cântecul a fost numărul 217 în lista the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time a revistei Rolling Stone în 2004. Dolly susține că Jolene este the most-recorded cântec de către alți artiști, dintre toate cântecele pe care le-a scris. Nominalizată la două premii Grammy pentru cea mai bună performanță vocală de muzică country feminină, prima pentru lansarea originală și anul următor pentru versiunea live. În ciuda faptului că nu a câștigat inițial, 43 de ani mai târziu, câștigă un Grammy pentru cover-ul grupului a capella, Pentatonix, la care a participat și ea.  

Bob Dylan Ft. Johnny Cash-The girl from north country  (1969)

Când am găsit cântecul ăsta căutam câteva piese country pe soundcloud pentru cartea la care lucrez și pe care mi-am propus să o trimit la editură imediat ce va fi gata. Acum însă, nu poate trece o zi fără să o ascult măcar odată. Bob Dylan are o voce atât de soft în contrast cu cea cumva baritonală a lui Johnny Cash, dar tocmai combinația dintre cele două dă aerul acela intim și profund al piesei. 

The Girl from North Country mă face de fiecare dată când o ascult să mă gândesc la un bătrân care stă pe un scaun și ne povestește despre o persoană importantă din viața lui, care a fost cândva o adevărată iubire a lui, dat fiind faptul că piesa a fost înregistrată inițial de Bob Dylan în 1963, urmând ca abia în 1969 să fie scrisă o versiune pentru un duet cu Johnny Cash.

Se presupune că piesa a fost inspirată de prietena lui de atunci, Suze Rotolo, care e fata de pe coperta albumului său, The Freewheelin', mergând la braț cu Dylan în josul străzii Jones, nu departe de apartamentul lor. 

Atât instrumentalul cât și vocile lor combinate îmi duc gândul să zboare  spre zone rurale și îmi fură un zâmbet nostalgic. Gânditoare, intru într-o stare de meditație care mă poartă spre ținuturi în care nu am pășit niciodată. Mă umple de melancolie, iubire, speranță și îmi induce un oarecare sentiment de tristețe. 

Chiar dacă duetul cu Johnny Cash nu a fost inclus în album, alături de Masters of War și alte câteva piese pe care le voi menționa la final, The Girl From North Counry este un must atât pentru atunci când scriu sau pur și simplu când învăț (o să scriu cu ală ocazie despre asta) cât și atunci când pur și simplu ascult muzică la căști când merg pe stradă.

Willie Nelson- Blue Eyes Crying in The Rain (1975)

Cât despre Willie, asta e altă poveste. Ascultam Kacey MusgravesAre you sure când i-am auzit lui vocea pentru prima dată. Puțin mai târziu, l-am căutat pe Youtube și am găsit Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain, iar de atunci continui să o ascult aproape zilnic. 

Piesa "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain" a fost scrisă de compozitorul Fred Rose, interpretată inițial de Roy Acuff, urmând ca mai târziu să fie înregistrată de Willue Nelson ca partea a albumului său din 1975,  Red Headed Stranger

Atât piesa cât și albumul devin un simbol în istoria muzicii country și reprezintă trecerea lui Nelson de la cântăreț la recording artist. Versiunea lui Willie Nelson, înregistrată în 1975 pentru albumul său menționat mai sus care era despre un bărbat care fuge de lege după ce și-a ucis soția, a fost lăudat de istoricul de muzică country Bill Malone ca ,,un exemplu curat, lipsit de complicații muzicii country, cu aranjamente vocale care te poartă direct în 1940.” Clipul musical al cântecului a fost creat în 1986 pentru a promova filmul inspirat de album

În urma succesului, Nelson s-a bucurat de o carieră de compozitor, cu melodii precum Crazy ( Patsy Cline ) și Hello Walls ( Faron Young). Ca artist, a ajuns în top 10 Hot Country Singles în Billboard doar de două ori. S-a întâmplat în 1962, odată ca artist solo pentru piesa Touch Me și apoi ca parte dintr-un duet cu Shirley Collies interpretând piesa Willingly. Pentru care Nelson s-a apropiat ocazional de top 20 dar au trecut 13 ani fără să fie în Top 10.

Few Notable Mentions



The scent of the ones you love

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At the end of the August, Diana Cosmin wrote about the newest Chanel parfume, Gabrielle. And last week, Andreea Balaban posted about parfumes on her youtube channel and when i watch it i got lost on my thoughts. 

There was a movie i've seen when i was little. I can't remember the name but it was about a boy who gets into a parfume shop and he finds his mom's parfume. He doesn't have enough money to pay for it but the lady on sells is giving it to him ( as much as I remember as a Christmas gift ) soon after the father of the boy is getting back to return the parfume and it explain it to the woman that his wife is dead and the boy tryed to keep the memory of his mom alive by her parfume scent. 

I know it sounds like a very bad movie or even a predictable love story between the woman and the boy's father.  Maybe it is, but i don't know for sure because there are not many things i remember from the movie and i'm a little frustrated because i can't find it. But my child brain might had remembered that very same scene and moments because of the emotional impact of the story. 

When i'm reading about parfumes i'm amazed of the recipients because they have many designs and patterns specially made for the parfum they are made for. About scents, i'm more about flower ones but i'm not wearing too much because i'm usually a mess and most of the times i get ready i'm storming off the door. No make up, no parfume! 

As Balaban said, a parfum or a specific smell can remind us about someone; our mom, grandma, girlfriend, boyfriend... I don't have such memory as a scent that will be stuck on my brain and i usually don't like a scent enough to remember them. This movie is sad, the child lost his mother and he just wanted to feel like she was with him again. It's a natural feeling and because he associate her favorite parfume with her is the best way to remember her. But it seems like the father rejected the idea of the parfume by returning it to the store. 

Diana wrote on her book if you want to change your life try a new parfume to associate it with your new memories. And making new memories means to move on, to give up your old live and to live your life. Something that this kid didn't at that point of the movie i remember when he wanted to remember her instead of getting used with the idea of a life without her and with the fact that he had to move on on his life like nothing happened. When the pressence of the parfum is only getting the things worst in  a psihical way which means he basically tried to fool his brain so he can have the feeling she is around.

There are a few moments from movies i saw when i was a kid and i don't remember the names or the context that things happened, but what i know for sure, most of them are sad, dissapointing or even tragical. But this one with the parfum is a different kind of flashback because has a different emotional level and it's always sad when it happen to lose one of your parents. If it happed to you, i'm truly sorry!


The artist of the fall: Nina Nesbitt

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After the Avril Lavigne's reign,  when i get out of this punk bubble i started to listen Gabrielle Aplin's music when she become my favorite female singer, until this summer when i found someone new, with the same vibes, but different perception of life. I was in my hotel room in Mangalia when i was thinking how to change the head poster and how to use the bitmoji avatars when i went on youtube, looking for some new songs to hear. I was scrolling with no idea of what i was about to found. 

BOY was the first song i've been listening and i couldn't stop listening to it. After playing it until i learned the lyrics i was looking for more songs and i was amazed of how soft her voice is and also, the whole reason i'm listening to music is the instrumental and the lyrics. And in this case, i like both. 
This love is no good, boy! will pop on my mind for a long time since then. 

CHEWING GUM is the one that got me lost for a few seconds. Lost in thoughts, trying to figure it out the metaphore of the lyrics. There will always be new people in our lifes. Some of them will stay, but others go. We are doing the same with other people's lifes so it's sort of a chewing gum, staying with people for a while and then keeping up in your life, leaving them behind, 

THE BEST YOU HAD  I've been waiting for her to post the video before posting this because i think the way she made her videos it's so close with the meaning of her songs and give you a new perspective of the song, like a cinematic version of the lyrics. 

THE MOMENTS I'M MISSING feat Goody Grace This one is a little nostalgic, but it's perfect for the fall. Sort of the song that remind you of the crazy things you've done on the summer or even your whole life. Personal, this song made me emotional by remembering me of the old times and the people i used to stay a long time ago. That great moments of your life that you can't bring back because the only thing you can do is to move foreward.

SELFIES this one is more motivational and fun, but still with a few drops of nostalgy. I like Nina's style of telling stories with her song and her way to get close with the person who listen. 

STAY OUT is the one that always made me smile and i can't just stop it when it's playing. It's a little different of the others and the most relatable, if i can say (at least, it is for me) because it's about staying out and hang out with your friends because we are still young and we have to take the advantage of our youth. 

I couldn't resist not to start a draft here so i can write about her as soon as i would finish with the post i was working on that time ( coming soon, i hope ) but it's still not ready. So i decide to name Nina the artist of the fall because since then there's no day passing without listening to her and her songs will be the most of my fall playlist.


Endless Summer and how I get in a new FANDOM

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Last year, I’ve been watching MaxInfinite and PewDiePie playing Life Is Strange and I fell in love with the DONTNOD game and slowly after the first episode I start to ship Warren and Max, I also admired the graphic and the story itself. It’s a little weird at some point when Warren seems to stalk Max, but moving on (because there's no point to talk about this)  that was my welcome point in games fandoms.

Endless Summer is a visual 2D choices book about a group of kids who get stuck on the island La Huerta, along with the pilot who get them there and the guide. They are living a series of weird events and they can find a lot of clues based on your choices. And after a few times they are trying to get out of the Island there is something in their way. The plane was set on fire, the boats were damaged, there was absolutely no way to get out of La Huerta and the island is full of unknown and dangerous things that can get yourself killed. It’s funny how my MC ( main character ) died in several ocassions when I made some bad choices, but the beauty of it is that you can start from the check point without replaying the whole chapter.

At first, I was focused on another book (The Freshman) and I played it just for diamonds and I didn’t actually liked the game when I played it the first time. But when I get deep in the story I was took by surprise and by the end of the book I figured that I have a crush on Jake (the pilot) and so does my MC, which is nice because in book two you can actually date your love interest, when on the first book they are learning to work together as a team and leave the differences behind so they keep themselves alive, but also you get some strong relationships and make the other people to like you.

When I start to like a new story, I’m always looking for more of it on Pinterest, but this time, I decide to try on tumblr, which was exactly what I needed. There are so many people who are playing this and who are making fan art or writing fan fiction. I have read a fanfic and I cried, for real! It was so beautiful and emotional that I couldn’t help myself but cry. I admire those people’s work and I’m looking foreword for more.

I made another blog, special for that because I was thinking about my friends and I didn’t wanted to fill their minds with those useless details about the book they doesn’t care about, so I decide to make a special page for it where I’m free to post about whatever I like and reblog what I like. Now I regret it a little because I have to handle the both tumblr pages without mixing them, but I’m failing at this. I’ve been talking to people from the fandom, some of them tagged me in their posts and I felt so happy and honored. Also, I wrote something about Jake and his size because, he’s one of the shortest guys from their group and somehow someone started a conversation with me about his size and how short babes are the best. I like short people, (no judgement here) so I really liked what he said and I felt the need to write back, which I did. Also, i've made Endless Summer PhotoAlbum Part I and Part II with the picture i thought are closer with ES's storyline.

The best part of being in a fandom is this whole interaction thing, where you can talk to people about things you like without being called weird or getting people confused because they have no idea of what are you talking about and what exactly try to tell them. They just don’t understand, and that’s just fine. You can’t blame them because that’s how it is. You might like something or you might not, everyone has different taste and if they don’t like the things you are into you manage to annoy them with your endless stories and explanations of why you ship Jake and MC or MC and Quinn. That’s the reason why those fandoms are made for and even if Endless Summer is a small one, you can still enjoy it because the story is so full of surprises that you won’t even expect.

Playing this game I realized how important are the words that you say and how they can affect the way how people see you. I’m used to say the first thing that pops out of my mind, and the first time I played I choose what t thought it should be said or the thing I thought is the right for them to do. Some of those kids from the group liked my MC and others don’t, but I think that’s because of their personalities and because you can’t get everyone to like you, which is totally fine. I’m having nice conversations with the ones who do and I’m being nice with the ones who don’t.

It’s funny when I’m all chill and calm, trying to spread love and peace but my MC is getting mad and I’m just like “Whooo girl, hang on! Calm down and consider this, there’s no need to be pissed, they did nothing wrong so stop yelling at them” It’s not like she will be listening to me because that’s the game made but it’s still a little funny to see my MC getting angry for no reason.

The book was made by Pixelberry writers and the app is called Choices: Stories You Play. If you don’t like Endless Summer you can find many other books in there that you might like. You might like Most Wanted, The crown and the flame and The Freshmen series which is the one that made me love their books and stories. 


Some usefull apps what might help you

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There are a few people who know that but, in the future, your employer will be looking at your facebook profile. When I went in Erasmus in 2016 our teacher told us that and I figured how important online imagine is. Now you’ll think, “nobody will stalk your facebook page instead of your crush” that’s what I was thinking but we don’t really know who is visiting or profile and I tend to believe the idea of your boss looking on your profile because I have some dumb memes on my profile, along with some cultural stuff and i'm kinda worried of that memes.

My blog facebook page, on the other hand it’s just useless and I have no idea how to organize it. It was a time when I was seriously thinking to delete my facebook but after I talked to my friends and I got different opinions on the subject, I was so sure that deleting it it’s the best idea, but I just said “Fine, I’ll keep it! But just because The Owl needs a facebook face”

I’m spending a lot of time online, reading articles or blog posts, or playing Choices, reposting pictures or fangirling on tumblr, or using them to track my time, or writing random stuff on twitter. I have a lot of apps I’m using and i just can’t uninstall if I’m running out of space. Also, I have some apps I’m using in several occasions when I need to edit a picture for my facebook page or twitter account, or just adding some text. Most of my apps are for photos or reading, also can’t spend a day without playing Choices for a few minutes.

Just like the other apps I’ve been written about in the past, I’m going to write about the most helpful apps and how you can use them as blogging tools or for any other reasons. And because NaNoWriMo is around the corner, I’m going to start with my writing tools and some other apps I don’t have enough space for them on my phone but I also recommend. For this post, I’m going to organize my apps in Installed apps and Phone Apps and if you’ll keep reading this you’ll see why.

On NaNoWriMo and when I’m writing another book, I’m using Writeometer because I can keep on track the exact words I wrote and it also have this timer for every writing session. When the timer Is buzzing you have to write how many words did you wrote in that period of time. It will recommend you 25 minutes, like every other timer, but you can reset it however you like. For example, when I was working on my NaNoWriMo project last year, I had 45 minutes, time I’m able to write like 2000-2300 words. After every writing session you receive a guava with you can buy those treats for yourself, like eating a cookie, or going online or out for a walk, but I like to save my guavas as small proofs of my progress.

If you are looking for a simple timer, Tide is the perfect one for you. It’s simple and it comes with a few options of sounds like, Classic, Nature, Coffee and other few, but you can turn on and off the sound whenever you like. I’m using their timer but I’m on my music every time I’m writing. It also have a different picture everyday along with a new inspirational quote.

For taking notes, I used to write on WriteNow, Note Everything, Notebooks and Jotter Pad. But I couldn’t use them all so started to use more often Jotter Pad, but after the last update I uninstalled it. After that, I started to write my ideas on Diaro, which is great because you have this wordcount and that help me because, when I see the wordcount changing it help me to keep writing until I hit 1.000 or even more.

For organization I’m using Google Keep. It’s simple and you can connect it to PC version, which Diaro has just for premium version. I’m keeping more of my tasks and stuff to do on my bullet journal and on Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram you can make an idea of what it is about and maybe you’ll get inspired enough to start one too.

I’m a reader and a very curious person, I always want to discover new things and I always needed an app to keep all my blogs I’m following so I can read them in one place, that app is Bloglovin, funny story, when I found it for the first time I had no idea how to use it and I got frustrated because I wasn’t able to even log it, silly kid, I know I know. But, a year ago I managed to log in and use the app. It was a blessing! I’m using it ever since to follow my favorite bloggers and to read their posts in a easy and efficiently way, all in one app. This one it’s new on my list, I found it a few days ago and i’m using it more often than Bloglovin. It’s called Medium and there you can find some cool stuff, posts and articles about whatever you want. For example, my interests are Branding, Media, Freelancing, Neuroscience, Food, Social Media, Business, Entrepreneurship, Health, Relationships and Self. There are many others you can choose you can receive on your feed articles and posts about what you are interested in.

About Blogging, here is another story. I have the basic apps every blogger is using, including Blogger and Blogger Stats. I’m writing most of my post on Google Keep, Diaro or on my computer. That’s the text part. When with my pictures and drawings, I’m using my Phone Gallery Editor for my drawings and Pixlr for the ones I’m posting on Facebook or Twitter. Also, I’m using instagram’s Moon Filter for my photos. For the basic blog post photo with my drawing, after editing, I’m writing Phonto which I’m using since I’m making my own covers on Wattpad, time when i found Pixlr.

And now, the apps I’m using more often then I should are Choices, but i’m talking about it in another post. Twitter is one of my favorite apps, I’m using it since 9th grade and It can’t get a day without writing anything in there. I’m a very talkative person and most of the time my ideas are jumping to different topics in a few minutes or even seconds. Also, Twitter is good to learn to make your point in less than 140 words, which is really helpful for the times when you are talking to people who get bored too fast. Or when you are talking too much that you are getting lost on your own words and explanations and you loose your point. 


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